It is about that Time for Change


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Change can be a wonderful thing, and yet change is a terrifying thing as well. I certainly have my share of the up and down see saw.

Can I say exhausted? I most certainly am. Do you get this exhausted too?

Well, I am about to embark on something fresh and new, and I don’t mean being married.

I have made the jump and have my own self-hosted WordPress website.

It is named…

I wanted to stay with the same premise as I am here. I still want to enlighten and be enlightened.

Every conversation is important. Every person is important. I believe that we all are busier than ever before and it is tough to time manage.
I try my best.

I am hoping that I can build a solid future for my husband and myself through my new website.

It is almost a free for all regarding topics, hobbies, shopping, experiences both good and bad. It is a conversation piece type of site, so I do hope that you can pop on over sometime and say hello.

I would like that!

I may pop over here from time to time, but I will be spending lots more time on my new site. I am still revamping every day. I am enjoying it too.

I feel like an artist painting my canvas on the screen, and it is all mine.

That does help me feel creative and eases my anxiety and worry ( only a smidge, but I am still trying).

Well, I must scoot off for right now. I am at work and boss lady is walking around.

So I say chow for now….

Shinedown’s Back

Their new song is sensational! I cannot wait for more.

The Rick Effect

Shinedown’s back…urge to care not rising as I listen to their latest single “Cut the Cord!”

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Changing It Up…Anxious or Excited…


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Adapting to change is a small, yet powerful statement. Everyday something new happens that can bring you joy or sorrow. I tend to procrastinate in beong joyful.


Fear! What else? Fear of the unknown is a terrible burden to give to ourselves, and I am tired of it. I am tired of being tired. Mt friend Jennifer tells me to rip that band ais off and just go.

I am actually doing that, right now.

I have decided that after so much see sawing I am ripping that band aid off and adapting to changes that approach me.

First change is that I finally own my own domain, so I will be departing soon. I will be at, if you would like to visit.

It is still under a mountain of construction, but I am live and you will see my rebuilding. I feel like a television show that just went live.

Scary and exciting.

I want to make this new site a site to behold. I want to plaster all I can regarding anything and everything that we human beings go through.
No holds barred in conversation, pictures etc…

I cannot wait to interact with others, and hopefully you too, in the art of learning and conversation.

It will be terrific.

Lights out here come soon, but I hope to see you on the other side 🙂

A Welcome Home


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Life sure does throw a person to the wall. It can be in a good way or a bad, it turns out to be our own choice.

Potholes are a way of life, and you cannot avoid them. Oh how I wish I could just stay home and tune it all out, but alas I cannot.

A welcome home, a metaphor to feeling content within yourself. Do I feel content within myself? I am asking those questions all the time.

My head is like an ipod that is constantly on repeat.
Do I want to repeat my mistakes? Don’t I want to go home? Home, where my heart, mind, body and soul are quiet and contented.

Now that sounds like an amazing thought.

I hope to reach that at some point in my life.

A Welcome Home!

Confusion and Emotional Exhaustion


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How every day is so different from the next.
Adaptation comes and not everyone is well to accept and handle it.

I’m utterly exhausted and burned out.
I feel I need an emotional mini break.

So much studying that my eyes are crossed. I’m also on the worried side about taking the brokers exam. It’s 260 questions of nerve racking insomnia.
It’s also my fifth attempt. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I pass. It would open various doors for me that I can finally rebuild my financial future.
And now I have a husband to consider.

Wow, another adjustment to make.
That has its moments, but it’s me that has issues with adjustment.
I know it’ll pass and I’m doing my best to be patient. He is being wonderful and I feel blessed.
So as I take a study break this is part two of my life…Joe’s truck fixing.
This poor truck needs so much help.

I know that slowly he’ll have it fixed.

Off I go….


Another anxious project 


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Projects can be a good thing or a nerve racking thing.

I’m on the nerve racking side of it.


I’ve decided that along with my brokers license I would like to try a hand at entrepreneurship.

So I went on bluehost and bought enlightenedeva as my domain name.

I’m trying to connect this page into that domain ownership.

What a field day I’m having trying to get this going. Right now I have this site redirected to that one.

Baffled is an understatement!

There is soooooo much to learn that I am starting to feel anxious and frustrated.

Why is this so difficult?

What am I doing wrong?

Yes I know that I must keep investigating it until I have it down and understood.

Oh the projects I give myself.

Pros and cons for sure….

But…I must continue on and try.

A new kind of evite


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My two pieces of new activities has been the inviting process for my wedding reception party.
Since it’s coming close, sending paper invitations is not the a good option.
Since this is an informal wedding reception I decided to make a text evite. A new electronic thing.
I don’t have many emails but I do have their cell phone numbers.
So I sent invitations via text. My kind of evite, along with a picture of the restaurant directions I’m slowly getting it going.
I have 18 of 25 yes responses, Yes!

It’s weird but these are close friends and family that know and understand that I wotk phones all day this is my best communication after hours.

Slowly but surely I’m actually getting things done.
Woohoo for me!

It’s also very slowly easing my anxiety as I get used to being a married woman.

How life just changes….

Keeping an open mind…


Another Day in Activity Mode


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So…doing this everyday of activities is awfully weird. My brain is consistently ready to get moving, but my body has a hard time catching up.

I get distracted too easily. This is a much tougher project then I ever thought, and yet it is not difficult .

I did obtain more addresses for my wedding reception party. I only have two more to get.

Here in lies my new dilemma, the actual invitation.

Joey has been as helpful as possible, but he’s busy fixing his truck. Now that the weather is warmer it is his opportunity to get it done. That poor truck needs lots of Joey tlc.

Joey said that he would help me with the invitations, the rsvp cards, envelopes and stamps.

So far…nothing.

I guess I must do it myself. It’s no big deal, so I will do it myself. I internally promised myself that I will send everything out this week, by Wednesday I hope.

Today I go over my list and write some notes. I know that a few won’t come because of distance, but we want certain people acknowledged. 

So I am taking those baby steps in between my studies. I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much, because I’m slowly feeling better within myself and I hope a pray for it to continue.