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Adapting to change is a small, yet powerful statement. Everyday something new happens that can bring you joy or sorrow. I tend to procrastinate in beong joyful.


Fear! What else? Fear of the unknown is a terrible burden to give to ourselves, and I am tired of it. I am tired of being tired. Mt friend Jennifer tells me to rip that band ais off and just go.

I am actually doing that, right now.

I have decided that after so much see sawing I am ripping that band aid off and adapting to changes that approach me.

First change is that I finally own my own domain, so I will be departing soon. I will be at enlightenedeva.com, if you would like to visit.

It is still under a mountain of construction, but I am live and you will see my rebuilding. I feel like a television show that just went live.

Scary and exciting.

I want to make this new site a site to behold. I want to plaster all I can regarding anything and everything that we human beings go through.
No holds barred in conversation, pictures etc…

I cannot wait to interact with others, and hopefully you too, in the art of learning and conversation.

It will be terrific.

Lights out here come soon, but I hope to see you on the other side 🙂