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Change can be a wonderful thing, and yet change is a terrifying thing as well. I certainly have my share of the up and down see saw.

Can I say exhausted? I most certainly am. Do you get this exhausted too?

Well, I am about to embark on something fresh and new, and I don’t mean being married.

I have made the jump and have my own self-hosted WordPress website.

It is named…http://enlightenedeva.com/

I wanted to stay with the same premise as I am here. I still want to enlighten and be enlightened.

Every conversation is important. Every person is important. I believe that we all are busier than ever before and it is tough to time manage.
I try my best.

I am hoping that I can build a solid future for my husband and myself through my new website.

It is almost a free for all regarding topics, hobbies, shopping, experiences both good and bad. It is a conversation piece type of site, so I do hope that you can pop on over sometime and say hello.

I would like that!

I may pop over here from time to time, but I will be spending lots more time on my new site. I am still revamping every day. I am enjoying it too.

I feel like an artist painting my canvas on the screen, and it is all mine.

That does help me feel creative and eases my anxiety and worry ( only a smidge, but I am still trying).

Well, I must scoot off for right now. I am at work and boss lady is walking around.

So I say chow for now….