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So…doing this everyday of activities is awfully weird. My brain is consistently ready to get moving, but my body has a hard time catching up.

I get distracted too easily. This is a much tougher project then I ever thought, and yet it is not difficult .

I did obtain more addresses for my wedding reception party. I only have two more to get.

Here in lies my new dilemma, the actual invitation.

Joey has been as helpful as possible, but he’s busy fixing his truck. Now that the weather is warmer it is his opportunity to get it done. That poor truck needs lots of Joey tlc.

Joey said that he would help me with the invitations, the rsvp cards, envelopes and stamps.

So far…nothing.

I guess I must do it myself. It’s no big deal, so I will do it myself. I internally promised myself that I will send everything out this week, by Wednesday I hope.

Today I go over my list and write some notes. I know that a few won’t come because of distance, but we want certain people acknowledged. 

So I am taking those baby steps in between my studies. I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much, because I’m slowly feeling better within myself and I hope a pray for it to continue.