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How every day is so different from the next.
Adaptation comes and not everyone is well to accept and handle it.

I’m utterly exhausted and burned out.
I feel I need an emotional mini break.

So much studying that my eyes are crossed. I’m also on the worried side about taking the brokers exam. It’s 260 questions of nerve racking insomnia.
It’s also my fifth attempt. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I pass. It would open various doors for me that I can finally rebuild my financial future.
And now I have a husband to consider.

Wow, another adjustment to make.
That has its moments, but it’s me that has issues with adjustment.
I know it’ll pass and I’m doing my best to be patient. He is being wonderful and I feel blessed.
So as I take a study break this is part two of my life…Joe’s truck fixing.
This poor truck needs so much help.

I know that slowly he’ll have it fixed.

Off I go….