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My two pieces of new activities has been the inviting process for my wedding reception party.
Since it’s coming close, sending paper invitations is not the a good option.
Since this is an informal wedding reception I decided to make a text evite. A new electronic thing.
I don’t have many emails but I do have their cell phone numbers.
So I sent invitations via text. My kind of evite, along with a picture of the restaurant directions I’m slowly getting it going.
I have 18 of 25 yes responses, Yes!

It’s weird but these are close friends and family that know and understand that I wotk phones all day this is my best communication after hours.

Slowly but surely I’m actually getting things done.
Woohoo for me!

It’s also very slowly easing my anxiety as I get used to being a married woman.

How life just changes….

Keeping an open mind…