Will the Snow Ever Stop.


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I understand that it is winter.
I understand that it’s cold and snowing outside. But…can I say enough?

I, along with many people that I know, have had enough.
Now it’s the combination of Winter Storm Sparta and Thor. While I love legend stories of Sparta and Thor, I dislike it being associated with snow, sleet and ice.

My car is iced shut. The salt layed out results at zero. It’s too cold for it to work.

Shoveling time…Ugly!

The snow is soft yet slippery. Then it started raining/sleeting. My shoveling was turning into a non fun exercise time.

My back (with 5 herniated discs) were cracking like a bowl of rice crispies. It was a weird feeling.
Then as I was finally making a shoveling dent…I fell. It wasn’t a usual fall.
I fell on my right side, which is where all my ailments are. My discs pain is in my right side lower back. My pinched nerve on my sciatic nerve is also on the right side.
Now I’m black and blue there too.
The pain was and still is mind-boggling numbing. OMG!

I needed help getting up and brought inside the house.
Now I lay pretty motionless and in pain.

Oh winter go away.

I only hope that you all are safe and careful out there in these storms.


Keep Walking…Take a Rest.


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It’s it just fascinating. Life!
You walk and walk towards something or someone. You take a rest.

It is highly exhausting. But these days we all live in a busy world.
I just had to stop!

A woman I know is gravely ill. She may pass on any time now. Her poor organs are slowly shutting down with zero chance of improvement. She is in a hospital and the doctors said in plain english that she’ll never return home again.
It’s very sad. Somber time for her family.
Her husband is in denial.

I can relate a little. When my first husband passed away, besides his family, I told no one outside the circle that he was gone. I just said that he was still busy working in California. My denial. I kept that story going for six months until someone said something and it triggered my emotions.
I blasted away.

He’s doing similar things. Mr Bob is up and down in his mood. He’s beside himself.

I stopped walking the busy life and ran to my mom.
I cried and cried with tremendous joy and love to her. I had to let her know, again, of how much I love her. I also told her that I like her. I expressed as much as I can.
I already miss my father, who passed away about twenty five years ago.
I had to let her know how much I love and appreciate her.

Life is fleeting. I hug my mom. I hug my sister and her family.
I hug my Joey.

A hug goes a long way in my book.

So I say…appreciate and express yourself if you can. Your loved ones can be gone in an instance.

I lay in reflection.  I take a study break and smell the roses that love provides.

It’s everything!


Measles Is Serious (A History Lesson from My Grandmother)

May all those affected with measles get better soon.

The Science of Mom

Measles is back. The outbreak of this highly contagious viral illness that started at Disneyland in December has spread across the country and shows no signs of slowing. As of February 6, the CDC reported 121 cases in 17 states in this year alone, most linked to Disneyland. In 2014, we had 644 cases of measles in the U.S. This is a striking increase compared to the last 15 years, when we usually saw less than 100 cases in an entire year.

measles 2015 CDCI’m sorry that so many people have been sickened in this outbreak and hope that it is reined in soon. This is no easy task given our mobile society and the fact that we like to congregate in places like Disneyland, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, airplanes, and shopping malls. Add to that the pockets of unvaccinated people where measles can easily spread, and we have a recipe…

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A Fitbit for me!


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Well what can I say, weight loss is a tough project.
A new year resolution that is continuous for me.
Maybe it’s my medicine I take slowing my metabolism?
Maybe it’s winter blues?
Maybe it’s my back pain troubles.

All I know is that it’s hard for me. And the fact that I just love the taste of food is not helping. Exercising is on a minimal scale right now because of my back pain. I do a little light exercises but feeling discouraged.

Then my friend gave me a


wireless fitbit.

Wow what an incentive! I’m slowly getting the hang of how to use it. I just registered with fitbit and wrote notes about my food intake.

I do believe that I finally found something to get rid of my discouragement!
I may be limited on exercising, but I can still give it my best shot at dieting and eating smart, while my fitbit application synchronize my activities.

Fabulous! I can see how many steps I’ve walked and my calorie intake after I log in my daily food plans.

I’m actually enjoying the process. I feel that I finally have something that’ll help me lose weight and exercise. Small but successful! !!
I love it!

Do you fitbit?

The Upside of the Roller Coaster


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Adapt to changes.
Go with the flow.
Suck it up.  It’ll get better.

All clichés right?
Are they spot on?

I must admit that I believe it’s a yes.
I use those words everyday as I drive. I also use them and many more during a not so great day at work or home.

These phrases plus others keep me on the upside of the roller coaster.

Today is that day.
I feel energetic and raring to go out for a joy ride. I did take a small one and it felt great.
I certainly hope that I can make this last more than mere minutes.

I’m fascinated about how having anxiety and depression can be so powerful and debilitating as well.
The balance is difficult,  but I’m not giving up.

Today is great. I accept that and concentrate on this moment only.
Tomorrow will be the way it wants and I’ll do everything in my power to not focus on it.


I’m going to enjoy my day and hope that you do too!

An interesting and fun idea to try.


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Join me on tsū, they are sharing social revenues with all of us #tsunation https://www.tsu.co/Jeva4

Opportunities happen every day. Some of those are good and some bad.
Maybe I try too much?

Many times I believe that I stretch my projects too much and that is why I get so overwhelmed. I am trying to subdue my extracurricular activities.

So just for fun I joined TSU. It is a spin off, I look at it like that,  social place.
It’s an interesting diversion when I need a school break.

Have you checked it out yet?

I’m always searching when I need a break.

A change of pace is good,  for me.
Hope it can be for you too.


Ready for a lovely day filled with adventure and fun.
Positive actions and no anxiety!

KeepCalm and be calm!!!

Using My Mind to Advance


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Why is life such a roller coaster of emotions?

Why is the feeling of contentment such a short-lived feeling? I wish I had the answers.
Yesterday I had strong emotions of raring to go, and today I am in a slump…again.

How can I keep my mind and heart in check? It feels like a ride that I cannot get off. Every few minutes I have a different emotion. I am up, I am down, I am all around.
And with those emotions I begin to have a panic feeling, shallow breathing and my body temperature rises too high for my liking.

The mind is that powerful? It is hard to grasp that and yet so many people who I have spoken to have said that to me.

Our minds, hearts and souls are all intertwined? Seems so. My only evidence is that when my emotions start to feel uncomfortable, fearful and impatient, I start to panic and want to run as fast as I can.
I read books, I listen to audio, I meditate, to no avail.

What plan am I on?

The AA (double A) Plan, which starts with something small, yet with a potential for something.

I bought the movie Lucy that just came out on DVD. I heard so many things about this move that I am intrigued.
It’s about how today we only use approximately 10% of our brain. Lucy is able to reach the ultimate and use 100% of her brain.
How fascinating is that? I cannot wait until the mail comes so I can watch it.
Who knows, it may spark a positive and inspiring emotion in me.

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10 Short Medieval Poems Everyone Should Read

I love to read all things medieval an renaissance! Terrific!

Interesting Literature

Looking for some great short medieval poems which are easy to read? Look no further than this, our latest post…

Medieval poetry can be a daunting field to dip into (to mix our metaphors terribly). Although Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Dante’s Divine Comedy are masterpieces and essential reading, perhaps the best route into medieval poetry – as with any poetry – is to start small. What follows is our pick of the best short medieval poems written in English.

They are all presented in the original Middle English, because here at Interesting Literature we believe that that’s the best way to read the poems. This does mean that several words/phrases need glossing, so we’ve done this briefly before each poem. All of these poems were written (or at least written down) some time during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: our source for them is the excellent Penguin book of Medieval…

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