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Well…today started a new assignment. A new project. My first positive activity.

Now that the preverbial cat is out of the bag and people know that I have eloped, my mom wants to give us a reception party to celebrate it.

Woah! I felt overwhelmed right at the start. There are so many different things that need to be done, and yet it’s going to be a small party.
I must gather the list, get their addresses, invitations with RSVP date. I must get stamps. I must hurry.
Oh boy!!!!
So I have a little notebook that’s empty so I started writing.
I have about ninety percent of addresses that I need.
I’m trying to find pretty invitations but so far zero luck.
Tomorrow is another day to shop for it.

My mom has the restaurant in control.
She’s so good and organized that I am jealous.
I watch and learn.
I picked these favors to give. I am going to have them personalized with our picture and date. Hopefully everyone will like it.

Sand Dollar Personalized Key Ring Wedding Favor


New territory for me.
As my doctor suggested…take it on small task at a time and it’ll come together.

I am trying very hard to be calm and take those small tasks. So far so good.

I give high kudos to all the couples out there that get it done.
It’s a daunting task, but I will do it.

I cannot let anxiety and depression and panic rule this and possibly ruin it for us.

I’ve done all I can for today. Tomorrow I continue onto the next small task of putting this party together.

Any advice?