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I know that I took a small hiatus and I am sorry for that.

I have no excuse.

Anxiety and depression is no excuse. I cannot blame it. Maybe I can a little but mostly no.

I have been away from the computer world for a little bit because I am trying new ideas and forums to bring to you.

I want to begin again and spread my wings across the board.

I actually have so very much to say but felt I lost my creative platform. I consistently reinvent myself in hopes of relieving myself of this paralyzingly anxiety and depression.

Is it working? I do not know yet.

I gather my little notebook and jot down some words, phrases and outlines. I doodle too.

I must get up and go live life again.

You would think that a newlywed as myself would be sky high with joy, yet I am not, not yet.

So a little teaser is that it’s time to redo everything from start A in everything around me.

I will be unaffected by negative people at work. Luckily it’s only three numb nuts. I will concentrate on my brokers exam studies for that possible promotion or transfer.

I will go to all my doctors for check ups.

I will revamp my site and truly show my creative heart and soul.

It’s a scary and exciting task ahead and I am putting together a schedule to make sure I do it and not stray away.

How do you reinvent yourself?

Any ideas for me?

I’d love to read it.