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Good evening.

This is a short blog since it is late and I get up early for work, but I had to share my OMG weekend.

I eloped!

I am befuddled that after approximately four stalled/cancelled dates, that I actually went through with it.

Joey and got our marriage license and there started my IBS. Petrified I was, especially since we told no one of our plans. It was a spur of the moment decision.

The next spur of the moment decision was to ask the mayor to marry the following week. He actually said yes. Woah!

I didn’t scramble much. I got a lovely dress right away. I was lucky it fit and the price was sixty percent off. Awesome.

Got little accessories because I am low key. Having such anxiety makes me more low key. Instead I was sick for the week. My nerves and anxiety went into overdrive. I had a terrible time holding it together, especially since my family was not attending.

I was still blessed that my dearest friend Jennifer stood next to me…my best gal. Joey’s brother as best man plus two more in attendance.

It was short and sweet.

I cannot believe I did it. I was sure that my anxiety would make me run the other way.

Yet, it didn’t. I was so nervous but I got through it.

Thank heavens for Jennifer . She reminded me that it will be alright.

So as of Saturday May 9, 2015 I am now a married woman.

This new journey is beginning .

I hope that my anxiety can handle this.

Stay tuned on this one.