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They say to live your life like it’s your last.
Who said that? I didn’t, but sometimes I do believe that.
Walking slowly,  walking slowly is all I have been doing lately.
I sleep a lot. My appetite varies.
My decision making is abysmal.
Second guessing myself is not fun.

I am working very hard to rediscover myself. I am doing my best to enlighten my inner self.

This stage — inner turmoil.

The tunnel is black as night.
My boss has a black and hollow spot where her heart should be. Then again she is brain washed.

How do I continue when condescending nitwits block me?

I do understand that pretty much all jobs have there pros and cons,  but why again and again and again? Enough.

All I want is to get my inner peace back.
I want my inner smile back.
My old self…thick skinned and strong.

My strength went on a hiatus and I hate that.

Where are you?

My projects are on paper. My goals have paper and pictures.

How do I begin?

I must find a way.

Any ideas?


I skimmed this book and hoping.
The wall came back because my manager is a #^€.  I will not be scolded or spoken down to because her pet is not feeling kissed enough.

My apologies for this vent. I so deeply hate it that a stupid job is exasperating my anxiety and depression.
I can’t be here anymore and work hard to heal.
It doesn’t mix.

I’ll keep searching until it does.