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Well, I feel compelled to write again. I am at a boiling point that I must write positive things in order to diflect my deep feelings.

I am recontructing the site, so as to improve your reading experience along with my writing experience. It is a tough thing, with so much to learn. It is the only thing keeping my emotions in check today.
My last post stated my unhappiness and since then I have had the pleasure (sarcasm) of being treated as if I am invisible.

We have a certain brown nose woman. A pitiful 50+ woman who kisses the managers you know what so high, I swear her colon must be spotless.

It’s bad enough that I got demoted with a paycut, but now the little work I have left is being swallowed away by this “person” who thinks she’s boss (she is a co-worker like everyone else).

The reality of heartless, condescending people have take their toll on me today.

I cannot breathe, I am so anxious and I already cried once. I am sure round two will be coming soon.

I am glad that I have my therapist appointment for tonight, for I feel as though I shall explode.

One of the few little quips of a half a smile was a quiz I took called “What is your Scottish name?”
I took the quiz and my answer was Rhona. I love the Scottish history, as well as the English and Irish.

I especially enjoy when these countries during the 1500’s and earlier. I love the celtic names, whether Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh, etc…

So when my answer for my Scottish name came up as Rhona, I found myself smiling and feeling that historic feeling. It was a nice feeling, and it still is.

That’s where you see my Rhona on top. My cheer up for days like this. Rhona – to remind me of the bigger picture. I need it.

Next I must find what my English and Irish names would be. I would like knowing that too.

A trip back in time is a comforting feeling. Back when people were kinder and this meanness of people was less obvious.

I can dream, right.

I will let you know what names pop up.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I am actually feeling a little bit better than when I started writing. It felt like a nice start for release.

Best wishes for today…for you 🙂