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It is utterly amazing how easily people lie.
They do it with a straight face too. Promises are made and then selective amnesia strikes.

The audacity bewilders me. I was promised many different things at my job since July 2011.
Sadly, not one has come true. My working hard, smiling and treating others with kindness and respect has only put tire marks on my forehead.

Talk about making a depressed person worse. They thrive on kicking me when I am already down.

Corporate America…what can I say without using foul language?

Selfishness, greed, lust, nepotism,  etc…

I can’t breathe here anymore.
They lied when they made position and money advancement to me.
Dangling like a carrot to a rabbit.

Shame on all of them. No humanity.

Where did it go?

I’m at my wits end applying for jobs,  with zero success. I network over and over.

Am I stuck in the misery?
I feel like I am.

How do I put one foot in front of the other?

I know…keep trying and don’t give up.
I shall try but it’s difficult at times, especially when people  say


condescending words and mock me.

I know I must make my own rose garden and walk away from this and never look back.

How do you cope with an unhappy and unhealthy job?