I’m already happily addicted to the show. I love time period shows. This is to notch!

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REVIEW   ‘Downton Abbey,’ Season Five Forges Ahead, Chin Up

By Carl Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

“Downton Abbey, Season Five” created by Julian Fellowes


Where: PBS

When: Sunday at 8 p.m.

Cost: Free

For fans of history and period dramas, nothing warms the cockles of the heart quite like those telltale chords signifying an immersive return to Yorkshire.

All the promise of intrigue, love and betrayal play out as the Crawley family once again struggles with finding their place in a changing world.

Though the season begins sluggishly, the plotline picks up rather dramatically at the midpoint. Secrets are revealed and new questions arise as to what the future holds for this family who seems perpetually perched atop a precipice, ready to fall at any moment.

One of the most nagging questions viewers had on their minds at the outset of season five was whether or not the Earl of Grantham et al would be returning for a sixth season…

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