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Alright, it has been a sad and disappointing week.
I hope is working well.

It’s all my fault you see. I have allowed my anxiety and depression control me. I have allowed anger into my heart and soul.
I feel tainted and exhausted.
Why? Because I cannot control a situation.

I am having severe difficulties in letting go of the past.
I am petrified that if I let go of people that I have loved and passed on, I will be an empty shell.
What will become of me if I let it all go and stopped disliking Co workers? They did me wrong.

How can I grab ambition and focus again?
I am easily distracted.

My therapist and psychiatrist are wonderful,  but I am the one who has to do the work. They guide.

Now that it is spring and the sun is warmer, what about reinventing myself?

Are small changes bad?
Is tweaking my life a bad idea?

I do know that I must tune out my coworkers. Some are wonderful but a fifty percent portion is greedy, nosy, gossip mongers, etc…
I know that I need to let the dead rest in peace.
But how?

Yes I am a work in progress.
I’m glad that I have a therapist appointment in a few days. She helps.

Do you believe that reinventing on a small scale is a good idea?
I’d like to know.

Be well!

And I’ll do my best to believe it can be better.