I certainly hope it gets better for you and soon. I struggle with those feelings every day. I pray for strength and guidelines to get through it. Like you I’m only human and I can’t help but vent my feelings and frustrations.

The Imperfect Jess T

I’m tired of the slaps in the face. I’m tired of the innuendo. I’m tired of the abuse.

Don’t I deserve better?

Wait….No I don’t. As a child of God I know I deserve nothing and but by the grace of Him who saves me daily; I am here talking to you. And that should be enough for me; but it’s not.

I’m human.

I’m flawed.

I’m struggling.

In my flawed attitude I want to lash out but I’m holding onto the Lord. Seeking out comfort in Him is the only way I’m getting through this.

Sorry for the vagueness but in my current situation it calls for it. I’m just tired. I just want to be a human being again.

Im tired of being someone’s punching bag. When can I be me?

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