Do you get distracted easily? I do.

Do you lose focus, even when you don’t want to? I do.

I find it outstanding that my brain has so much power over my body. If I am angry then my body temperature heats up. When I feel sad and depressed, then my body feels cool. When I feel happy (though sadly short lived at this time) my temperature is all over the place.

I am baffled, really.

Anxiety is such a powerful word and I don’t underestimate it or overestimate it. I am trying to sustain an even keel about it.

It is so difficult for me to accomplish.

Yesterday I was ready to leave the job. Jump ship.

Today I am grateful to be there with such wonderful people. I admit there are a few undesirables, but that’s everywhere, right?

I know that I analyze myself and the people, places and things in a over the top fashion. I also know that I must stop it.

It’s a roller coaster for me. 

I have tried so many things and what?

I must be doing this to myself. I understand that I am the only one to blame.

I know I must re-focus my goals and work extra hard to not let anyone or anything distract me.

Life can be beautiful…if I let it.

Time to focus on the study unit of municipal bonds.

Wish me luck 🙂 

Thank you.