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Is everyday like a see saw?  Up and down continuously?
Do you feel emotional? I do.
Can’t I just be sad today?

I’m glum. I’m disappointed and sad.
There are too many reasons. It would have to be separate blogs.
Yes there’s that much. We all have a story to tell.
Today is a work disappointment. I feel like a dog chasing after my tail to receive a meeting with the manager.

Position changes are happening here. Several people are now getting settled in their new responsibilities.
I congratulate them, genuinely.

My issue is that I’m performing a workload that should be for two people. It’s crazy busy every day.
I just want to know where I stand?
Salary raise to match the position?
Keeping doing this with zero benefits of financial increase?

I am tired of guessing. And it only makes my anxiety and depression all the more powerful. I abhor guessing games.

Now I’m keyed up all the time.

I feel like a good cry is in order.

Should I feel guilty about that?

I tried for other jobs but it’s only agency on top of another agency.
I’m conflicted, anxious, scared and exhausted.

How do you do it.
I’m positive for too short a time. I wish it was longer.

Well…Time to finish up so I can leave at a decent time.
I think I’ll take the rest of the day off any emotional decisions.
What do you think about that?