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I understand that it is winter.
I understand that it’s cold and snowing outside. But…can I say enough?

I, along with many people that I know, have had enough.
Now it’s the combination of Winter Storm Sparta and Thor. While I love legend stories of Sparta and Thor, I dislike it being associated with snow, sleet and ice.

My car is iced shut. The salt layed out results at zero. It’s too cold for it to work.

Shoveling time…Ugly!

The snow is soft yet slippery. Then it started raining/sleeting. My shoveling was turning into a non fun exercise time.

My back (with 5 herniated discs) were cracking like a bowl of rice crispies. It was a weird feeling.
Then as I was finally making a shoveling dent…I fell. It wasn’t a usual fall.
I fell on my right side, which is where all my ailments are. My discs pain is in my right side lower back. My pinched nerve on my sciatic nerve is also on the right side.
Now I’m black and blue there too.
The pain was and still is mind-boggling numbing. OMG!

I needed help getting up and brought inside the house.
Now I lay pretty motionless and in pain.

Oh winter go away.

I only hope that you all are safe and careful out there in these storms.