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It’s it just fascinating. Life!
You walk and walk towards something or someone. You take a rest.

It is highly exhausting. But these days we all live in a busy world.
I just had to stop!

A woman I know is gravely ill. She may pass on any time now. Her poor organs are slowly shutting down with zero chance of improvement. She is in a hospital and the doctors said in plain english that she’ll never return home again.
It’s very sad. Somber time for her family.
Her husband is in denial.

I can relate a little. When my first husband passed away, besides his family, I told no one outside the circle that he was gone. I just said that he was still busy working in California. My denial. I kept that story going for six months until someone said something and it triggered my emotions.
I blasted away.

He’s doing similar things. Mr Bob is up and down in his mood. He’s beside himself.

I stopped walking the busy life and ran to my mom.
I cried and cried with tremendous joy and love to her. I had to let her know, again, of how much I love her. I also told her that I like her. I expressed as much as I can.
I already miss my father, who passed away about twenty five years ago.
I had to let her know how much I love and appreciate her.

Life is fleeting. I hug my mom. I hug my sister and her family.
I hug my Joey.

A hug goes a long way in my book.

So I say…appreciate and express yourself if you can. Your loved ones can be gone in an instance.

I lay in reflection.  I take a study break and smell the roses that love provides.

It’s everything!