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Well what can I say, weight loss is a tough project.
A new year resolution that is continuous for me.
Maybe it’s my medicine I take slowing my metabolism?
Maybe it’s winter blues?
Maybe it’s my back pain troubles.

All I know is that it’s hard for me. And the fact that I just love the taste of food is not helping. Exercising is on a minimal scale right now because of my back pain. I do a little light exercises but feeling discouraged.

Then my friend gave me a


wireless fitbit.

Wow what an incentive! I’m slowly getting the hang of how to use it. I just registered with fitbit and wrote notes about my food intake.

I do believe that I finally found something to get rid of my discouragement!
I may be limited on exercising, but I can still give it my best shot at dieting and eating smart, while my fitbit application synchronize my activities.

Fabulous! I can see how many steps I’ve walked and my calorie intake after I log in my daily food plans.

I’m actually enjoying the process. I feel that I finally have something that’ll help me lose weight and exercise. Small but successful! !!
I love it!

Do you fitbit?