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Adapt to changes.
Go with the flow.
Suck it up.  It’ll get better.

All clichés right?
Are they spot on?

I must admit that I believe it’s a yes.
I use those words everyday as I drive. I also use them and many more during a not so great day at work or home.

These phrases plus others keep me on the upside of the roller coaster.

Today is that day.
I feel energetic and raring to go out for a joy ride. I did take a small one and it felt great.
I certainly hope that I can make this last more than mere minutes.

I’m fascinated about how having anxiety and depression can be so powerful and debilitating as well.
The balance is difficult,  but I’m not giving up.

Today is great. I accept that and concentrate on this moment only.
Tomorrow will be the way it wants and I’ll do everything in my power to not focus on it.


I’m going to enjoy my day and hope that you do too!