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Why is life such a roller coaster of emotions?

Why is the feeling of contentment such a short-lived feeling? I wish I had the answers.
Yesterday I had strong emotions of raring to go, and today I am in a slump…again.

How can I keep my mind and heart in check? It feels like a ride that I cannot get off. Every few minutes I have a different emotion. I am up, I am down, I am all around.
And with those emotions I begin to have a panic feeling, shallow breathing and my body temperature rises too high for my liking.

The mind is that powerful? It is hard to grasp that and yet so many people who I have spoken to have said that to me.

Our minds, hearts and souls are all intertwined? Seems so. My only evidence is that when my emotions start to feel uncomfortable, fearful and impatient, I start to panic and want to run as fast as I can.
I read books, I listen to audio, I meditate, to no avail.

What plan am I on?

The AA (double A) Plan, which starts with something small, yet with a potential for something.

I bought the movie Lucy that just came out on DVD. I heard so many things about this move that I am intrigued.
It’s about how today we only use approximately 10% of our brain. Lucy is able to reach the ultimate and use 100% of her brain.
How fascinating is that? I cannot wait until the mail comes so I can watch it.
Who knows, it may spark a positive and inspiring emotion in me.

I certainly hope so.

I am doing everything that I can to have stable emotions, yet so far I am failing at it.

Do you experience the same thing?

How do cope? Maybe…I don’t know.

I can only say this, at this moment, that I will have a quiet lunch and think about nothing.

Then I shall get back to you on that.

Until next time…