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Old man winter getting you down?
Sure has for me.
Icy roads kept me from going to work yesterday. I felt so bad calling in that I couldn’t make it in.
That’s how bad the ice mounts were.

I slid, maneuvered the car to park, and stopped.  My attempt was done.

That’s the third time I had to miss work because of the weather. I hated every moment of it.
Sure, my job is no fancy shmancy.
It’s nothing so urgent,  but I have a solid reputation of being reliable.
Oh sure they fully understood why I couldn’t get in. There were lots of others who didn’t make it to work too.
I was not the only one.
Safety first!
So as I sat and took advantage of quiet time, my heart skipped.

I have had enough!!!

I have been dreaming and networking to move to California since 1993.
Fear and finances kept me at bay.

No more.  My desire to leave is now greater than my fear.
I am going to be strategic.
I shall maneuver. I shall save until it hurts.
I will study hard and get that license by March and start hustling for that job in California.
My friends out there are enjoying warm weather,  soft skin and peace of mind.

I am determined to join them.

This is my last winter on the east coast.
I am determined to make 2015 a year of my dreams being a reality,  finally.

How are your dreams coming along?

Determination is key for me.

I’m hoping it’ll ease my anxiety and depression and finally I can be the person I am on the inside.

Cheers to dreams! !


My city of San Francisco…here I come 🙂