Hi.  I’m sorry but I am in a sad and disappointed state…in my heart.

Today is a birthday dinner for my sister’s friend. A nice lady.

Her brother’s children and girlfriend’s grandchildren are enough migraine inducing to put exedrine medicine to new heights.

It disheartened me that these kids, ages five to ten, are so horribly rude, selfish and unmatched by adults.
They are snotty and the fact that they are not supervised is pathetic.

I’m so happy that my nephew sees these “kids” once or twice a year.

Why is it that when adults behave in a selfish and snotty fashion that it rubs off to their offspring?

I can’t wait until they leave my home.

I was raised with quiet respect for my elders. I still respect my elders.

Why do kids of today don’t?

Makes a sad for the future and glad that I do not have children.

Thanks you for reading my sad expression of emotions.

I shall now go listen to some relaxing music to soothe my mind, heart and body.

Be well….:-)
Happy Saturday.