Website difference?  Ugh…….

I must say today is kind of disappointing.
Snow in NY/ NJ. It’s only a little but enough to make a car slide, like I did attempting to get to work.
These cars and SUVs are out of control. These people drive as if they are invincible,  get too close to my car and scare me.
I slid on the highway so I got off asap.
I slowly got home and didn’t get to work. I was ready to go.
No salt trucks anywhere.
Pathetic and unsafe.

So I’m home and will study and be here.

What’s the difference between a .org or .com?

I’m reading and trying to understand these things.
It’s tough and a bit too technical, but I’ll slowly figure it out.

How is your Friday?

Time to read…
Later gater lol 🙂