It’s been an interesting evening.
Have you ever had those evenings when nice surprises happen?

I did!

My manager sent me home thirty minutes early because of the snow. How nice!
My drive was weird at first,  but got smoother as I drove along. And I needed no phone assistance. Nice!

I made it to the store to pick up some home necessities.
Then I stopped by Joe’s to check up on him. He’s been suffering from the flu since New Year’s Eve.
Poor fellow, this flu is stubborn.

I decided to grab the bull by the horn and talk to him about what’s bugging me.
We’ve been out of sync since we got engaged. We should be on cloud nine, right?
Sadly no.
We’re both sensitive,  defensive and stubborn like a brick.

Frustrated?  Oh yes!

We sat down and chatted a little. I was pleasantly surprised that it went well. No disagreement, no snipes, nothing.
We just began to express our feelings.

It’s a start.
I shall sleep more soundly now knowing we shared feelings,  dreams and goals. Plus the reminder of how in sync we were before.

What a treat after a disappointing day at work. Joe was very loving at my woes as I would be for him.


I hope you all have made a frown turn upside down!
I did 🙂


So have yourself a beautiful night!

Until tomorrow…