Well it’s officially 2015.
Any resolutions out there?
I definitely have some, then again,  I do resolution time a lot of times during the year.
Besides the usual weight loss wish, my most important wish is to finally pass the brokers exam. It’s such a difficult exam to pass. Every time I took it I was literally one point closer to passing.
I was just  two points away…ugh!!!
No I don’t want to be a financial advisor. I’ve worked in administration management for many years and finally passing the exam will open doors for me to get that promotion and salary raise at work. And…I want to transfer to an office in California. As a licensed person that can happen sooner and lift me in every sense of the way.
I’ve already eyed a condominium in San Francisco. I even printed a picture of it for incentive and inspiration.
Now it’s a new year with new perspective going on in my mind.

My ticket to ride is this exam and I have ever intention of making a 2015 passing.
Every day from day one of the new year I’ve begun a study regimen.

I’m determined to make it come true.

Cheers to 2015!!!