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There is a strange feeling when you realize that you forgot some people that were on your list for Christmas shopping.

That’s me!

I wrote my list, which a small list, for people in my closest circle for gift giving.

I even wrote a few people from the office.

I got 95% completed…then Oh No!

I forgot a few more people…Ugh!!!

Now it is time to run back online and get some simple goodies.

Luckily for me, I can make this orders online. Why!

Well I found out that they (the 2 people) are on vacation until January 5th. Woohoo for me! I do not have to run to the mall and scramble for a parking spot.

Click, click and done!

What do you think of this simple idea?

I thought it was a simple, yet showed cuteness of care.

What can I do on short notice? Besides, most people I know love ornaments and the more holiday-ish the better.

What would you get in the last minute???