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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

It’s time for a new corner and new adventures!

It is a fine Tuesday so far. Although it is drizzly here in New Jersey, I cannot complain at all. I have a lovely family who is emotionally supportive and kind. I am humbled and grateful for them every day. Even when they tease me that I want to run out the room, I still adore them.
I would not want any other family…cookiness and all!

So I am finally finished my two online courses of Human Resources Management and Paralegal Studies.

To say that my brain is tired after a year and a half is an under-statement.

But…I cannot digress or lull into a quiet zone. It is time for the next phase of my school goals list.

I will take a little time off to refuel my mind and take care of Christmas gifts for the little ones in the family and friends’ little ones too.

Then it is off to the study world of a brokers examination. I need to pass six licenses plus an insurance license in order to advance in my job.

I know that it is a lot, but just knowing that I have this opportunity is the rewards that come later, I am all for it.

Why not??

I am ready and willing to go to the next level in my life.

AND…it also helps to ease my anxiety, panic and depression.

I have been on that roller coaster a bit more than usual lately and I want off!

School is the perfect vehicle for me to have that.

Although I will be keeping busy, I also plan on being here and chatting with all of you a lot more often.

I have thoughts and ideas and I would love an unbiased and objective opinion from you.

I appreciate all those around me…including you!

Have a great day.

Time for a little office work and get that adventure started! 🙂