It is utterly amazing what a couple of shmucks can do to a good person to shake them up.

I say…Thank You for re-igniting the epiphany of keeping my eyes on the prize!

That is where all my wonderful books come in (I think I am laughing just a little bit).

As we get older, sometimes friendships have different meanings. We have all been hurt, disappointed, devastated, and etc…

Who hasn’t? I certainly have.

I have noticed that certain friends of mine have taken on new personas. Please do not as me why.

Lately I have been seeing drama unfold worse that what you may see on television.

I am no walking ATM, and “friends” thought so. I have heard many scamming sob stories, and sadly because of my good nature and vulnerability, I gave in and lent people money.

Well…as evidence showed, they received their money and then just disappeared. One or two stuck around to try for that mile, but I put a stop to it.

Oh boy was that an experience.

Confrontation can be filled with many mixed emotions. Me – I was everything under the sun. I was angry, disappointed, sad and tired.

This “friend” had the nerve to play dumb. I was not playing or being mean, I just expressed myself, watched his pathetic look of surprise and just told him to never reach out to me again.

I hope that was simple english enough. I thought so.

I love my books. I have two online courses (Paralegal and Human Resources Management) to complete. I shall receive my diploma next month. Woohoo!!

I now refuse to let anyone get in my way of having my eyes peeled on the prize of school graduation, working on a promotion at work (that’s a different blog lol).

I have a lot of positive things going on and I cannot behave like a youngster that is lost in frindship fun. I have to draw the adult line.

Wouldn’t you?