Have you ever had days where an epiphany keeps coming at you? The kind of epiphany that gets you going on a roll?

I have had that and it feels wonderful!

What roll you may ask? The roll and path of my life. My goals and desires are within reach. I am grabbing it!
My problem is this:

1. Negative people knocking me down
2. Those same people using guilt and my kindness to manipulate me so as to get their way.
3. Belittling my work and school work and calling me a slow poke.

The list goes on and on…

I festered and festered within my mind at how can one express love and treat me so shabbily?

Well I know that it’s 50% my fault for allowing it.
So as of last night I put a stop to it!

I shall enjoy my weekend in my own solidarity.
My projects are huge and important to me, both for the growth of my essence and my purse.

I am almost finished with two online courses: paralegal and human resources management. I will be getting my diploma come December.
I am also studying for the brokers exam. I am hoping to take the exam in January.
And…let’s not forget being here as often as I can.
I have various websites that need my TLC too. I am also in the midst of writing an ebook.
Lastly is my two therapeutic activities: sketching and journaling.

I am on a roll and loving it. I cannot let anyone negative naysayers stand in my way. These are all positive projects to boost ever aspect of my life and I am getting my power back!

I stood up for myself and said No, and I stuck with it.
I am taking life one moment at a time as I get rolling with my little universe.

Plus I do keep my eyes on the prize named San Francisco!
One day I shall move there and I can’t wait.

How do get your rolling?